George Brown

With over 250,000 students – Mr Brown has taught

  • Over 150+ public workshop topics
  • Over 125+ on-site training topics
  • Has written 2 books on the general topic of Internet Marketing

What are my top 4 Workshops?

I enjoy all training that I conduct… I love interacting with my students. Here are the top 4 requested training in public workshops:

  • IMS (Internet Marketing Synergy)
    • IMS Is a system to create and synergize your real world and internet based marketing into one unified effort to bring, convert visitors into customers and retain them.
    • This system requires 6 areas
      • Create Content
      • Deliver
      • Retain
      • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
      • SNM – Social Network Marketing
      • SMM – Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing is the process of designing, creating and delivery social media
    • Social Network Marketing is once the Social Media is created how to utilize that across multiple platforms
    • This can be either hands-on or hands-off
    • Creation of media using tools like the adobe suite
  • Branding
    • Branding is the creation of brand recognition
    • Based off of Social Media Marketing branding is the building the concept of what media marketing should be created and on which platforms.
  • IT Project Management
    • This program is more soft-skills based – it is a how to manage
    • How to decide the difference between efficient ¬†and effective
    • This program is often delivered with other programs:
      • IT Project Management – Team building
      • IT Project Management – MS Project training
  • IMS 33%
  • Social Media Marketing 29%
  • Brand Building 27%
  • IT Project Management 11%

Students per IMS

Students per Social Media

Students per Branding

Student per class in IT Project Management

Family Values

This is a older video but I still like it as an example. This is at a example of a business presentation, the general topic was how to balance your personal life and business life. I am still happy to tell you I live by everyday starting out reminding myself, to watch my values. I carry with me on-the-road a laminated list of values so I read them each time I go into the bathroom. It is a great way to remind you what you value.

If you are looking for soft-skills training I bring my sense of humor to deliver real world examples and life stories to deliver the message. Over the years I have deliver programs which I enjoy and I think I am able to get students more involved.

Quick question…. Are you living your values

IT Project Management:

In the IT Project Management workshops we do a number of exercises to build real world skills that you can use the very next day to increase you productivity. Matt Williams talks about how he fells about one of those skills building exercises.

The 2 Day IT Project Management workshop is a level 2 workshop – Day 1 includes a basic project management set of skills building drills. – Day 2 is Project management advanced skills building.


Student Satisfaction


Student Happiness

Our Students –

Our students fill out our surveys and we get 99.9% happiness that they enjoyed attending. They also have commented they were happy mainly because I provide them with skills they can use the very next day at work. I also provide them with tools to remember when and how to use these skills.

If you are looking for skills building… I enjoy making sure you get the skills you need to take you to the next level


Student Skills building


Employer Happiness

Mixed Messages

This is a video that I use to show how you can give mixed messages. Please watch the video, and notice that the staff for the show created accounts for the on-screen stars… But the stars themselves say they are not going to be tweeting – Don’t follow us.

Can you imagine how your staff might send mixed signals?

Reputation Management

Here is a segment on Reputation Management – While I was semi-retired in Hawaii… It is used as support to my workshop on Brand building and how to protect your reputation

Ranking & YouTube

To keep my students current I keep them up-to-date thru video training. This video is on how YouTube effects your Search Engine Optimization for a website.

SEO from the beach

For a short time, 8 years I semi-retired to Hawaii, I would travel to the main land to deliver workshops but spent my off time on the island of Kauai and would deliver student updates from the beaches of Kauai. I have moved back to Chicago and will deliver the student updates from Chicago.